Marks & Spencer Dark Chocolate Coated Chilli Tortilla Chips

marks spencer belgian dark chocolate coated chilli rotilla chips

The weather may be cold outside, but at least you can warm up by reading some of Kev's Christmassy Reviews :) Yes, all this month I'm having a festive bonanza and reviewing all manner of Christmas snackstuffs. Enjoy!

Today we are back with M&S, who have quite a fantastic range of stuff out; everything from Prosecco and Bucks Fizz Flavoured Crisps, Salted Caramel Pretzels, Prosecco Caramels, White Chocolate Angel Wings...and this interesting snacks hybrid; Belgian Dark Chocolate Coated Chilli Tortilla Chips.

When I put these in my basket I didn't actually realize they contained Chilli, I just saw chocolate coated tortillas and they had me sold right away. These cost £2 and are gluten free as well as suitable for vegetarians. They're described as "dark chocolate coated corn tortilla chips with red pepper and chilli pieces".

marks spencer belgian dark chocolate coated chilli tortilla chips

I tipped the box out onto a plate, the tortillas are rather thick and chunky thanks to the generous coating of dark chocolate and looked very appetizing.

marks spencer belgian dark chocolate coated chilli tortilla chips

Uncoated side...

marks spencer belgian dark chocolate coated chilli tortilla chips

...and dark chocolate coated side.

At first I was worried the chillis and peppers would spoil the flavour, but the tortillas are extremely moreish! There was just a slight hint of warmth in the background as I crunched. The dark chocolate is the perfect percentange to give the totillas a nice contrast without overpowering them. The two work together perfectly, creating an addictive sweet and savoury flavour combination. It didn't take me long to scoff half the pack.

Overall, these are a great Christmas snacking novelty and pretty darn tasty too. Don't let the chilli put you can barely taste it! These will make the perfect talking point for any festive parties or family get togethers you may have planned this month.

8.5 out of 10. 

As always, if you've tried these let me know your thoughts in the comments, and do stick around for more of Kev's Christmassy Reviews!


  1. I would be able to taste it. I just know it. Haha xx

  2. Not sure about these, love chocolate pretzels but can't see it with tortillas!


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