Sainsbury's Candied Bacon & Brussels Sprout Soup

There's a lot of unusual products out this Christmas, from Tesco's Cocoa & Rum Crisps to Marks and Spencers Bucks Fizz crisps...The Co Op are even doing Christmas Dinner Crisps complete with sprout flavouring! But surely this "Candied bacon and Brussels sprout soup" from Sainsbury's takes the mince pie?!

This limited edition will set you back £1.45, is gluten free and described as "A soup with Brussels sprouts, potato, smoked bacon and smoked ham". Sounds delightful doesn't it?

I heated it up on the hob as instructed, but you can pop it in the microwave too.

It looked kinda horrible to be honest, and didn't smell much better either. I don't know what possessed me to buy this in all honesty as I loathe sprouts - there's no vegetable I despise as much as them. I think I was intoxicated by the novelty value.

Of course, it tasted pretty horrible, sprouts in soup form was never going to be very pleasant. The candied bacon is just regular smoked sweetened bacon, and not quite as exotic as it sounds. It adds a nice bit of flavour to the otherwise horrible soup though; I'll give it that, as does the smoked ham.

Overall, if for some odd reason the Chrimbo Dinner sprouts aren't enough for you this year and you want them in soup form too...don't bother with this. It's always nice to see novelty products, but this is one of the worst.

3 out of 10.


  1. It's very .... green! I'm surprised kevvie by your choice. xx

    1. I'm surprised too is The Hand. I don't know what I was thinking! xx

  2. You heated it on the hob!? You nob! Use the microwave, loser! Haha. Love you! xx


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