Haribo Starmixmas: Christmas Flavours

haribo starmixmas christmas flavours

Haribo are back again with another new variety...this follows hot on the heels of Haribo Minions with Banana & Icecream, and Haribo Fairyland and is a seasonal edition with Christmas flavours. I found a bag for 95p in the Christmas section of Wilkinsons recently.

haribo starmixmas christmas flavours

There's some very interesting new varieties: Apple Strudel & Custard Rings, Eggnog Fried Eggs, Cherry Trifle Hearts...

haribo starmixmas christmas flavours

As well as Gingerbread Gummy Bears, Apple Strudel Bottles, and Cherry Crumble Rings.

haribo starmixmas christmas flavours

Now a few of those do sound a little gimmicky, after all Cherry Crumble is hardly a traditional Christmas dessert...but how do they taste?

haribo starmixmas christmas flavours

There were a lot of Cherry Trifle hearts in my bag, so it's just as well that it's a pretty tasty flavour! The "trifle" part presumably is the foam backing, which is nice and pleasant with a creamy vanilla edge, whilst the main part has a nice strong cherry flavour.

haribo starmixmas christmas flavours

I have no idea if these Eggnog Eggs actually taste of Eggnog...because I have never tried eggnog, I've never liked the idea of it! What I can say though is that these had a sweet, creamy and slightly spiced flavour that was very tasty.

haribo starmixmas christmas flavours

The gingerbread gummy bears were true to their name and had a nice sweet spicy ginger flavour...although I'd liken it more to ginger beer than gingerbread. But it fits the Xmas theme, I suppose!

haribo starmixmas christmas flavours

The Apple Strudel bottle had a nice sweet apple flavour that was very pleasant. It may be my imagination but I think I could also taste a hint of cinnamon.

haribo starmixmas christmas flavours
Apple Strudel & Custard (left), Cherry Crumble (right)
The Apple Strudel & Custard ring tasted pretty similar to the bottle, but perhaps with a slightly sweeter vanilla-hinted flavour. The cherry crumble just tasted of sweet cherry.

These are a decent mixture of flavours, and some of them are really good - I found myself enjoying the eggnog eggs and the gingerbread bears the most - whereas the rest were nice complimenting flavours but not particularly Christmassy. I do think Haribo missed a trick by not having anything Christmas Pudding or Mince Pie flavoured.

Overall, not a bad seasonal edition, and worth a try just for the eggnog eggs and gingerbread bears.

Nutrition Information (per 100g): 342 Calories, 0.5g Fat, 77g Carbohydrate, 47g Sugars, 6.6g Protein. Not suitable for vegetarians.

8 out of 10.


  1. I never look at Haribo and yet there seem to be so many more flavours out there than the mundane same-y same-y ones of years past! I need to embrace the jelly sweeties pronto! xx

    1. You do! You can literally get everything in sweet form now.. xx


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