Doritos Flavour A Sizzling Salsa Tortilla Chips (#DestroyDoritos Winner!)

So, it's been decided, Flavour A from the recent #DestroyDoritos competiton was the winner and everyone voted to destroy Flavour B: Ultimate Cheeseburger forever. Which is a shame, because I rather liked it...check out my review!

Since the public has spoken, lets find out what all the fuss is about: this flavour consists of spicy salsa flavoured tortillas, which are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, dairy free and gluten free, but made in a factory that handles wheat and dairy. They have a plethora of artificial additives providing the flavouring...well we wouldn't have it any other way from Doritos would we?!

Doritos flavour a sizzling salsa

Opening the bag the tortillas had a very strong, overpowering aroma. I poured most of them into a bowl.

Doritos flavour a sizzling salsa

They tasted as strong as they smelled...they had a definite tomatoey spicy salsa kick to them, with a strong salty flavour that I can only presume was from the MSG in the ingredients. They were very moreish and tasty but did leave me needing a drink after a few moutfulls.

Doritos flavour a sizzling salsa

Overall, this is a decent new Dortios flavour, but I'm personally sad that Ultimate Cheeseburger wasn't the winner. We need more burger flavoured snacks that don't actually contain burger! It'll be interesting to see if they do another #DestroyDoritos competition next year. If they do you can be sure I'll be reviewing whatever flavours they come up with...

Nutrition Info (per 30g): 148 Calories, 7.7g Fat, 16.8g Carbohydrates, 1.9g Protein. 

8 out of 10.


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