Haribo Fairyland Review

Haribo Fairyland

When I saw these new Haribo Fairyland I will admit the kid in me let out a squeal of excitement. Not only are they candyfloss flavoured, they come in wonderfully magical unicorn and fairy shapes. They're also for believers only...so put on your best unicorn hat, say a prayer to the fairies and believe...(Unicorns are real!)

I found these in Tesco for just under £1 and they contain strawberry candyfloss and strawberry and cream flavour jellies, in unicorn and fairy shapes.

Haribo Fairyland

Opening the bag they certainly had a magical, sweet aroma...

Haribo Fairyland

The shapes are brilliant...the unicorn ones especially. There's 4 different ones in total. The candyfloss sweets had a definite candyfloss flavour with a hint of strawberry...it's hard to describe but it's very sweet and kind of comforting.

Haribo Fairyland

The strawberries and cream ones were also very nice, again, sweet and comforting.

Haribo Fairyland

After a few sweets I did find myself wanting something a bit sharper and citrusy to break up the flavours bit...the magic of all the sweetness was getting a bit too much!

Overall, these are a lovely idea from Haribo, fun magical sweets perfect for every kid or big kid. The flavours are nice, but could do with more variation. Definitely worth a buy for the shapes alone, though!

8.5 out of 10. 


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