Beloved Date Fruit Hearts: Cocoa & Berry/Rich Cocoa

beloved cocoa berry date fruit hearts

I was ridiculously excited when I spotted these new varieties of Beloved Date Fruit Hearts in Asda recently...I was a huge fan of the originals and so "Cocoa and Berry" & "Rich Cocoa" sounded very enticing.

These were on offer of two packs for £1 so I got one of each new flavour. They're vegan, gluten free and nut free.

beloved cocoa berry date fruit hearts

I started off with Cocoa and Berry. The hearts come in a little plastic tray containing 5 pieces.

beloved cocoa berry date fruit hearts

Unlike the regular Date Fruit Hearts they of course had a darker colour due to the addition of cocoa. This variety also contains freeze-dried raspberry powder to give it the berry flavour. The dates were very tasty, as expected, with the rich sticky date flavour complimented nicely with a hint of cocoa. But I didn't really notice the berry flavour at all, it was overpowered by the strong date flavour. These are nice but they do need to up the berry content!

beloved rich cocoa date fruit hearts

The Rich Cocoa were pretty similar in taste; a strong date flavour with a hint of cocoa. I felt the cocoa content could have been higher to live up to the name, but these were still pleasant.

beloved rich cocoa date fruit hearts

Overall, I don't know what to say about these new Beloved Date Fruit Hearts other than: they're nice, but not really living up to the promised new flavours. My guess is that because dates are so strong in flavour they've overpowered the other new added ingredients.

7 out of 10.


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