Alpro Dessert Moments: Hazelnut Chocolate (UK) Review

alpro dessert moments hazelnut chocolate

I'm not often one for chilled desserts, however when I heard about this new soya-based vegan Chocolate Hazenut dessert from Alpro I just had to give it a try. I love vegan desserts as I find they're often lighter on the stomach than dairy-based desserts, and anything with chocolate and hazelnut in is a winner!

These are also gluten free, low in fat and contain 30% less sugar than standard dairy desserts of this type, thanks to the hazelnuts being full of flavour. Here's the ingredients list:

alpro dessert moments hazelnut chocolate

They cost £2 for 4 pots in Morrisons, which is pretty reasonable. They were in the chilled section with the other Alpro yogurts, although this was the last pack on the shelf. Must be popular!

alpro dessert moments hazelnut chocolate

Peeling off the lid revealed a gloopy looking dessert. I would usually complain about it, but knowing that it lacked the horrible gelatine regular desserts like this contain, I don't mind at all!

alpro dessert moments hazelnut chocolate

Taking a spoonful, I first noticed the's gloopy but strangely creamy. Definitely not unpleasant at all; I would liken it to cold custard.

alpro dessert moments hazelnut chocolate

The chocolate hazelnut flavour was spot-on...there's a good mix of both chocolate and hazelnut, neither one is overpowering and they work very well together. The lower sugar content is noticeable and is actually a good allows the creaminess and nutty flavours to shine through more. I really, really loved these, which surprised me because I wasn't expecting to! I may have eaten them all...oops!

Overall, these Alpro Dessert Moments are quite a revelation. I imagine anyone who is skeptical of soya desserts would love them, or anyone who likes hazelnut and chocolate in general really. I hear there's Coconut and Almond varieties out there...if anyone spots them, please do let me know!

Nutrition Information (per 100g): 78 Calories, 2.3g Fat, 11.2g Carbohydrates (9g Sugars), 2.6g Protein. Free from dairy and gluten.

9 out of 10.


  1. I like your Chocolate Yoghurt!!!!!!

  2. Hi Kev, Tesco are selling the almond and the coconut varieties, not yet tried them though

    1. Thanks! :) I've seen the almond ones (reviewed) but not the coconut yet. Will keep an eye out!


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