Haribo Minions: Bananaaa! & Ice Cream Flavours

Somehow, Haribo Minions are a thing that have passed me by, but I'm aiming to correct that now. What lured me in with these was the promise of banana and ice cream flavours; something a bit different for jelly sweets. I found these in Tesco recently for just under a pound, along with a few other new Haribo sweets I'll be reviewing shortly.

What makes these even more special is that one of the new flavours shares the same name as me! Yes, Kevin from Minions has the honour of being banana flavoured! The others are Blueberry Bob, Apple Stuart, Raspberry Dave and Cherry Jerry. Genius naming if ever there was.

Some of the flavours also contain an ice cream flavour foam backing...yum!

I tried the Banana Kevin flavour first, of course! It had a subtle banana flavour that complimented the ice cream foam quite nicely. It wasn't artificial tasting, thankfully.

The Blueberry Bob flavour was also very nice, with a subtle blueberry flavour. Again, no artificial flavour was detectable.

The other flavours were equally as good...a nice tangy Apple Stuart flavour, sour cherry from Cherry Jerry and a berry sweeteness from raspberry Dave. Overall the flavours combined together very well, they're the sort of stuff you'd find in a fruit cocktail and go nicely with the ice cream flavour. I don't know what the original Haribo Minions taste of but these are definitely a good mixture.

Overall, as weird as banana might sound in jelly form it's actually rather nice and works surprisingly well with the other flavours, and the ice cream foam is the perfect complimenting flavour. I would definitely buy these again!

Nutrition Information (per 100g): 342 Calories, 0.5g Fat, 77g Carbohydrate, 47g Sugar, 6.6g Protein. Not suitable for vegetarians. 

8.5 out of 10.


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