Chocologic No Added Sugar Giant Milk Chocolate Buttons

chocologic no added sugar milk chocolate buttons

Chocologic are back with some new products...yay! This time with No Added Sugar Giant Milk Chocolate Buttons, which is good news for anyone avoiding sugar or on a low carb diet.

chocologic milk chocolate buttons

The sugar has been replaced with "alimentary fibres"; dextrin, inulin and oligofructose, as well as the sweeteners erythritol and stevia. As well as these, the buttons of course contain milk.

chocologic giant milk chocolate buttons

These cost £1.20 for a bag in Tesco which is pretty reasaonable since you get a decent amount (75g) and the buttons are nice and chunky. In fact they reminded me of Yorkie Giant Buttons.

Chocologic no added sugar milk chocolate buttons

Thankfully, they tasted a lot better! When I tried the Chocologic Milk Chocolate Bar last year I felt it had a slight Calender Chocolate taste...well somehow that doesn't seem to be the case here. I don't know if they've changed the recipe, but these buttons were rather creamy and tasty, I certainly scoffed more than a handful! They're a lot less sweet than regular milk chocolate buttons, and all the better for it really. I much preferred them over how Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons taste nowadays...these are smooth and melt in the mouth whereas Cadbury's are greasy and far too sweet.

Overall, I have to say these are a winner! Perfect for a lower sugar snack and pretty darn tasty...just be careful though because they're a bit too easy to eat!

Nutrition Information (per 5 buttons): 77 Calories, 5.8g Fat, 5.4g Carbohydrates, 2.7g Fibre, 1.3g Protein. Suitable for vegetarians. 36% cocoa solids. 60% less sugar compared to similar UK chocolate products .

8.5 out of 10.


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