Chocolate Choccers: M&M's copycat (Poundland)

Chocolate choccera poundland

When I saw this pack of "Choccers" in Poundland recently I must admit I had to do a double first I thought they were a new variety of M&Ms: the packaging is practically identical. Then after reading the packet I realized they're not associated with Mars at all - they're made by a Spanish company for Sweet Heaven. I'm not sure how Poundland can get away with selling such a blatant copycat product, especially considering the dispute between Mars and Mondelez in Sweden recently (Mars are blocked from selling M&Ms in Sweden, as Mondelez sell a similar product called Marabou M's).

But they're selling these regardless, costing £1 as you might guess, and they're described as "couverture chocolate in a crisp colored shell".

Chocolate Choccers

Opening the pack, they all looked the same as M&Ms with their bright colours. I poured them into my fancy new star dish from Home Bargains.

Chocolate Choccers

Taste-wise they were...a bit eh. Super sugary because of the sugar shells, and the chocolate didn't taste all that nice to be honest, it was rather cheap and a bit like calendar chocolate. Munching on a handful was a joyless experience...despite the fact they looked so bright and colorful. I ended up throwing most of the pack in the bin...something I rarely do!

Overall, these are a huge disappointment, and they've only set themselves up for this by pretending to be M&Ms in the first place. The weird thing is...Poundland already sells M&Ms. So why would anyone choose this inferior version? Is there a market for products that taste worse than the original even when they're the same price? Baffling! This is one to avoid folks...

4 out of 10. 


  1. The only 'knock-off' M&Ms I have tried are chocolate peanuts from Hema, a Dutch-themed shop that is similar to Tiger but I quite enjoyed them and I got a lot more in a bag than I do in original peanut M&Ms.

  2. I bought these knock offs today. They are absolutely disgusting and I think you've been generous giving them a 4 out of 10. Can't believe Poundland would say there Couverture chocolate as well because it taste like the cheapest cooking chocolate.

  3. Are these that sort of faux chocolates that leave out the cocoa butter, like Palmer's candies?


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