Perfect World A Taste of Carrot Cake Ice Cream

Perfect world carrot cake ice cream

I loooove carrot cake, but sadly I haven't eaten a lot of it since I went gluten-free. Most supermarkets do gluten-free versions but I find them rather dry and am often left disappointed. Boo! So when I saw this new ice cream from Perfect World in Tesco recently I got rather excited; carrot cake combined with ice cream sounds like it might potentially solve the dryness issue!

Alas, this Ice Cream doesn't contain any pieces of carrot cake, but it does have a whole lot of other good things going for it. It's dairy free (but not egg-free, so isn't suitable for vegans, sadly), it contains no added sugar; it's made with a mixture of xylitol, erythyritol and stevia instead. It's also high in vitamin A, Vegetarian Society Approved and suitable for diabetics. That's pretty good going...who knew ice cream could be nutritious?!

Perfect world carrot cake ice cream

The description reads "A non-dairy carrot cake flavoured frozen dessert with sultanas (6%), walnuts (4%) and sweeteners". I paid £3.50 for a tub in Tesco, but you can also buy them from Holland & Barrett stores which sell the Chocolate Brownie and Loads of Strawberry varieties. They're also available from

Perfect world carrot cake ice cream

Of course, all of these health credentials would mean zilch if the ice cream didn't taste any what is the all-important Kev's Verdict? Dun dun dun....

It's actually a very tasty ice cream! It's a bit different to what I was expecting, it's sweeter than I imagined, but it feels lighter in the mouth than dairy ice cream. This is a good thing as it means I didn't get a heavy feeling in my tummy after eating it, also it wasn't a massive sugar rush despite being pleasantly sweet. It had a good spiced flavour, with the mixed spices and carrot coming through, and a nice texture from the sultanas and walnuts.

Overall, this Perfect World ice cream gets a thumbs-up from me! I like that it's dairy free as well as refined sugar free, it tastes healthier and feels lighter, whilst still making you feel like you've had a sweet treat. That's a hard task to accomplish, so bravo to Perfect World for achieving it!

8.5 out of 10. 


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