Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk (South African)

There's been a lot of new Cadbury products lately, so when I spotted this "Dairy Milk Silk" bar in Poundland I first assumed it was another Dairy Milk variation Mondelez were throwing at the UK market. However on closer inspection I found that it's actually made in France, for Mondelez South Africa. What it's doing in British Poundland stores is anyone's guess, but in the name of Snacks Science I had to give it a try!

With a name like "Silk" I thought perhaps it was a creamier variation of regular Dairy Milk, because why else would they attach it to the name? Turns out, it tastes exactly the same as regular Dairy Milk, in fact it was somewhat inferior to regular British Dairy Milk, which is saying something since ours is pretty rubbish these days! 

I'm putting the difference in taste down to the ratio of ingredients, this bar is obviously produced for a hotter climate hence a different melting point, so I'll forgive them the lesser taste. The chocolate contains a mixture of cows milk, cocoa and vegetable fats just like British Dairy Milk although the wrapper doesn't state the exact proportions. 

Overall, this isn't a bar I'd recommend at all unless you're a wrapper collector, the taste is inferior to British Dairy Milk which is widely available, so quite why it's currently in Poundland stores I have no idea...must be a batch they want rid of! 

Have you tried Dairy Milk Silk? If so let me know in the comments! 


  1. I picked this up yesterday too. Nice enough, but you're right, the composition is a bit off. Just not the same.

  2. Completely agree, picked it up in poundland as I thought it might be a bit like a Galaxy - no such luck.

    Shame poundland can't import some Top Deck.


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