Cadbury Dairy Milk Mixed Buttons (White & Milk Chocolate)

So it's round 2 of the Chocolate Button-Off...yesterday we had Milkybar Milkshake Mix Up, and today entering the ring we have...dun dun dun...good old Cadbury's! Yes, Cadbury have finally brought out a new product that the people actually wanted and have put Dairy Milk Buttons and White Chocolate Buttons in a sharing bag together...genius!

I'm not actually being sarcastic when I say this is genius, it genuinely is a good idea. Everyone loves Cadbury Buttons, they're so moreish and addictive despite the poorer quality Dairy Milk they use in them these days...mix them with White Chocolate Buttons and you've got a winner!

I found these in B&M Bargains for 99p, but they're also in Home Bargains and have started appearing in Poundland stores too. Seems like the discount market got first dibs on them!

There's 115g of buttons per bag and there seemed to be a good amount of both Dairy Milk and White Chocolate buttons, although (hand selfie alert - grab a fan Snacks Warrior!) in my pic above I seem to have grabbed more white than milk buttons.

Eating them together made for a delightful experience, there's the creamy comforting Dairy Milk, which despite being poorer quality than it used to be, was somehow much tastier in button form! Then there's the sweeter, creamier white buttons, which are lovely in and of themselves, reminding me of being a kid again. The two combined just go perfectly together, it's a massive sugar rush of course but it's oh so worth it.

Overall, these are a great snack and are sure to keep any kid or big kid happy. They're far better than the Milkybar Milkshake Mix Ups as the Dairy Milk Buttons are just so much more tastier. Oh Cadbury, you've surprised me...a new product that's worthwhile and tastes great!

8 out of 10. 


  1. You need to stop with all these hand selfies.. It's getting all to much for me to handle. xx

    1. Don't worry the next few posts will be hand selfie free so you can recover :)


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