Lindt White Chocolate Gold Bunny

The Easter Bunny had been early in my household and she goes by the name of the Snack Warrior...yes, a big thankyou to the lovely Reaching For Refreshment who just celebrated her one year Bloggerversary for sending me some Easter goodies recently!

She knows I'm a sucker for anything sweet, so I bow down to her for sending me this White Chocolate Lindt Gold Bunny. I can't eat regular Lindt Gold Bunnies as I'm allergic to the barley malt they put in the chocolate (why they do this I have no idea!), so this white version is a godsend for anyone with gluten issues.

He is without doubt one of the best Easter bunnies around, cute and shiny with his little bell. I haven't taken photos of him broken apart...I think that would be rather cruel and trauma inducing...but needless to say he tasted DEE LICIOUS! Lindt really do know how to make great white chocolate; it's the creamiest, smoothest one around from a commercial company, kicking the arse of Milkybar any day. It also has a lovely welcoming vanilla edge to it, making it so moreish. I had to be careful not to get too carried away though as I often do when scoffing chocolate...this one was a bit too nice!

Overall, this Lindt White Gold Bunny gets a huge thumbs up from me, if you can't eat the regular Gold Bunnies due to the barley malt this is a great alternative! A huge sloppy thankyou to the lovely Snacks Warrior for sending me this, and here's to wishing all my readers a very Happy Choccy Filled Easter!

9 out of 10.


  1. Jeepers. I didn't even know about the whole malt barley thing! Good job I went with the extra sugary option isn't it! Ha :D xx

    1. It's a mine field haha but you did right :) Who needs milk Choc anyway... xx

    2. Now I'm thinking I did know.. Hmm. Between you and me we've got more allergies than there probably are actual food stuffs! Nightmare people, nightmare. Haha xx


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