Cadbury Dairy Milk Spring Edition

A couple of years back, I tried the Dairy Milk Hoppy Bunny bar and wasn't too impressed with it. Since then, it's remorphed into The Dairy Milk Spring Edition, with a new wrapper to reflect the Spring season rather than just Easter (I suspect this helps Cadbury squeeze some extra sales from it and justifies it sitting on shelves for longer!). The bar still looks the same, there's a white chocolate bunny design on each block.

The bars are only 85p in Sainsbury's right now, which isn't too bad although once you taste the chocolate you'll kind of understand why - it's pretty rubbish, and doesn't even taste much like Dairy Milk. Booo!

To be honest I only bought this bar as I had a reader request to review it, and I was curious to see if it had deteriorated further in quality since I tried it a few years back.

Well, I don't think it's actually changed at all, it still tastes pretty bad in terms of quality. I don't know how on earth they can call this Dairy Milk because it tastes nothing like it! It's very milky and sickly sweet, with no rich creaminess like Dairy Milk used to be known for. The white chocolate adds nothing to the bar at all, it's just an extra hit of sugar. And I wouldn't say the design is that great's just a basic bunny mould that anyone could buy from Poundland.

Overall, this is a bar to be avoided, there's no merit to it at all in my opinion. It tastes inferior to regular Dairy Milk, it's far too's like a Value brand supermarket chocolate.

Please, please, please Cadbury,...stop destroying the Dairy Milk brand with this rubbish. Irish Dairy Milk still tastes good, so please follow their lead and bring the quality of ours up to par again! And bring back Dairy Milk Creme Eggs while you're at it!

5 out of 10.


  1. Irish Dairy Milk is amazing but I've always assumed that's because Irish milk is amazing, which is hard to screw up even if they change the recipe.

    1. Good point! The last I heard of Cadbury Uk they were using Polish milk, so the recipe may be the same but it's a presumably poorer quality milk. Whatever they're doing, dairy milk doesn't taste the same at all.


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