Nestle Black Magic Mini Eggs

I spotted these new Black Magic mini eggs in Wilkinsons recently, and for the sake of trying a mini egg that's hopefully a bit richer than the sickly sweet stuff Cadbury's put out I thought I'd give them a whirl. They're £1.50 a bag, and contain foil-wrapped plain chocolate mini eggs with a softer dark chocolate truffle centre.

They're pretty bland to be honest. The dark chocolate tastes kinda awful, almost stale and woody as Nestle's dark chocolate tends to be, whilst the filling is just a waxier variation of the same thing. These aren't true "dark" chocolates of course, I forget the exact percentage but I'm sure it was below 50%. The only redeeming feature is that these aren't a sickly sweet sugar overload like Mini Eggs or Creme Eggs.

Overall, these are a bit pointless really in my opinion, there's Lindt 70% cocoa mini eggs out there (Tesco sell them) so I'd say stick with those instead if you famcy a dark chocolatey fix this Easter!

6 out of 10. 


  1. You're not having much luck on the old Easter egg front..! You need to go get that coffee one from M&S instead ;)

    1. I may have to at this rate :) I wonder if they'll reduce them after Easter...


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