Summer Special: Homemade Bubble Tea Experiments

After becoming addicted to the phenomenom that is Taiwanese Bubble Tea recently, I decided I wanted to recreate the unique experience for myself at home. Thanks to this article on how to make homemade bubble tea I went on a mission to my local Asian store in search of tapioca pearls. There was a coloured variety, a black pearl variety and a purple "new sago" variety. Since my initial visit I have now tried all three types, but here's the packaging for the coloured tapioca pearls. The colours are achieved through the use of e-numbers.

Having aquired the tapioca pearls I then bought some Lift Instant peach flavour tea. Not the tastiest of flavoured teas by a longhsot, but considering this heatwave we've been having it did the job nicely when mixed with lots of cold water.

I cooked the tapioca pearls in boiling water as instructed for about 5 minutes, and made a simple sugar syrup to keep them fresh.

Tapioca before cooking
Cooked tapioca coated in sugar syrup
Once the instant tea had cooled, I scooped some tapioca pearls into a glass and poured in the cold tea. To complete the drink I added a large straw that I'd saved from a recent visit to my local bubble tea place.

Et voila! Homemade bubble tea!

Maybe not the most accurate or sophisticated replication of Bubble Tea in the world but it was a very refreshing drink, and perfect during this heatwave we're currently experiencing. I really enjoyed slurping the tapioca pearls through the straw - so addictive!

Since my initial experiment I've also made a mango smoothie with black tapioca pearls. I blended together mango, ice and coconut milk and added cooked black tapioca. It tasted delicious, and so refreshing!

Have you tried Bubble Tea? If so what is your favourite combination?


  1. Never tried bubble tea even though there's a new place quite near me.
    There's so many choices and combinations, what would you recommend for a newbie?

    And btw your drinks look absolutely awesome! :)

    1. Thanks Katherine! :)

      My personal favourite bubble tea combo is green tea with passionfruit and tapioca bubbles. But the milk bubble teas are great, especially the coconut and vanilla flavoured ones. The best thing about bubble tea though is you can try different flavours with different things like tapioca pearls, "pobbles" which are fruit flavoured pearls, and jelly pieces.
      So I'd recommend experimenting really, but you can't go wrong with passionfruit and green tea, it's surprisingly refreshing and the green tea isn't too harsh. :)

  2. We pleased you like Bubbles. Enjoy your life.

  3. LOL!! You made your own! Oh my, I think I need to experiment too, hehe :D

  4. Melon Bubble Tea is my number one! I love the stuff.

  5. I had been saving up giant straws from bubble tea shops too since I couldn't find them for sale anywhere (why do the Chinese supermarkets sell the tapioca bubbles but not the straws?!). However last week I found them for sale in Lakeland, so I just wanted to share that.

  6. May I know where you buy the colourful sago pearl?

  7. this project seems really cool i'm using this as a school science project on homemade boba thanks for the help!


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