BoxChoc Jeffrey's Chocolate Orange Buttons

A big thankyou to the lovely Carol from BoxChoc who sent me these Jeffrey's Chocolate Orange Buttons to review recently!

Boxchoc are a small company specializing in hand-made chocolates using ethically sourced ingredients. Their range comprises of giant chocolate buttons, chocolate spoons, bars and chocolate pizzas. You can check out their stuff here:

These Chocolate Orange Buttons are ginormous! They're even bigger than the Yorkie Man Size Buttons I reviewed earlier in the year, and a lot tastier. They contain natural orange oil plus 39% cocoa solids, making them richer than your average mass-market chocolate.

Carol told me these got their name from her dog Jeffrey, who tried to eat some of the buttons whilst they were cooling. Naughty Jeffrey! On that note I think it's appropriate to say, "they're not Jeffrey's, they're mine!"

Taste-wise they were delicious, and far better than most mass-produced chocolate products. They had a delicious rich cocoa taste, with a nice creaminess that wasn't too sweet. They tasted very indulgent, and thanks to the massive size I found one button by itself to be very satisfying (although I still ate the name of research of course!). I enjoyed them with a cup of coffee, which was the perfect accompaniment.

Overall I thought these Jeffrey's Chocolate Orange Buttons were a delicious and good quality treat - something to savour all to yourself. They came packaged in a cardboard "pizza" box, which I thought was a nice touch (BoxChoc also do a range of "chocolate pizzas"). I would highly recommend these if you're a fan of orange flavoured chocolates, or indulgent chocolates in general. They're far superior to Terry's Chocolate Orange.

Price: £3.
Ingredients: Contains 39% cacao and natural orange oil. Contains milk.
Available from

*BoxChoc kindly sent me these Buttons for an honest review and all opinions expressed are my own. 


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