Schweppes Limited Edition Summer Punch

Just a quick review for this Schweppes Summer Punch today since I didn't take any notes whilst drinking it, and forgot to keep the wrapper!

I bought this for £1 whilst shopping for barbecue gear at Asda, thinking it would be the perfect drink to go with it. It also intrigued me as it contains lemon and bergamot flavourings. Bergamot is something usually found in Earl Grey Tea so I was very curious as to how it would taste in a sparkling drink.

I shared this with a friend and we both thought it was very tasty. The bergamot flavours were quite subtle and almost "herby", but very refreshing. It was a good drink to go with a barbecue and one I would definitely buy again. My only complaint was that it contains artificial sweeteners, which detracted from the overall flavour. Since it also contains sugar I'm not sure why the use of artificial sweeteners was necessary, especially considering they leave an unpleasant aftertaste.

Overall, despite the artificial sweeteners I thought this was a nice limited edition drink for Summer and is a good choice to go with a barbecue.

Price: £1 at Asda.


  1. Sadly I tried it and thought it was one of the most horrible drinks ever.

  2. There is a similar drink in New Zealand called L&P and that was what I thought this might be -almost but not quite. Despite that , I enjoyed it for what it is and it makes a great adult non alcohol alternative and doesn't feel like a compromise. L&P actually more like pop than this.


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