Monty Bojangles White Chocolate Raspberries

I recently found these Monty Bojangles "Exquisitely English Ravishing White Chocolate Raspberries" (blimey, what a mouth full!) in Tk Maxx. I'm a big fan of fruit and chocolate combinations so couldn't really resist buying them. They consist of freeze-dried raspberries coated in white chocolate raspberry flavour shells. I really liked the speckled, marbled colour on them:

They tasted absolutely delicious. The white chocolate was very smooth and creamy and the raspberries tasted fresh, crunchy and zingy. They were very moreish and I soon scoffed the whole pack!

I've only seen these in Tk Maxx before so I'm not sure if they're exclusive to them or not. They also sell other Monty Bojangles products, such as chocolate coated nuts, boiled sweets, truffles etc.

Price: £1.50 at Tk Maxx.
Allergy Advice: Contains milk & soya.


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