Milka Toffees - Hazelnut Centres

When I saw these "Milka Toffees" in B&M Bargains I initially had to do a double take, as the packaging looks rather similar to another brand of chocolate toffees, the famous Cadbury Chocolate Eclairs:

Since Kraft are always doing a lot of inter-brand breeding I assumed they were simply just a Milka version of Eclairs. But on closer inspection of the pack I found they are rather different - they contain a liquid chocolate and hazelnut flavour centre.

I must mention that these aren't actually widely available in the UK, they are European imports and probably only available in discount stores.

Opening the pack the toffees looked pretty cool with their glossy purple wrappers. Unlike Cadbury Eclairs they were round in shape and chocolate coated:

Cutting them in half revealed the liquid centre, which was quite sticky and oozed out slightly:

Unfortunately they tasted rather cheap - the toffee was too hard and didn't have much of a buttery flavour, whilst the chocolate coating was too thin and didn't add anything other than a sugary sweetness. The liquid chocolate hazelnut centre wasn't all that exciting either; it was just a cheap flavoured syrup. Overall I didn't think these were anything special and much prefer Cadbury Eclairs.

Interestingly, Mondelez/Kraft are planning on releasing something similar to these here in the UK - Cadbury Hazelnut Twist Eclairs. I'm curious to see how they compare and am looking forward to doing a comparison review once they're released.

Price: £1 at B&M Bargains.
Allergy Advice: Contains milk and soy.


  1. These look interesting, shame they weren't very tasty. I'm looking forward to the new Cadbury Hazelnut Twist eclairs too!

    1. Cadbury are really spoiling us with new product releases recently aren't they? Let's hope these new Eclairs will be good! :)


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