Skittles Milkshake Review (Tesco)

Skittles is a flavour you would never expect to see in milkshake form - infact it sounds like a downright odd proposition - so when I saw this Skittles Shake in Tesco recently I just had to give it a try. It was on offer of 2 for £2 along with other flavours such as Snickers and Mars milkshakes. It's described as a "Fruit flavour milk drink" and has the slogan "Drink the Rainbow. Taste the rainbow".

Taste-wise it did actually taste like Skittles! It had that almost citrusy, zingy, fizzy fruit flavour that Skittles have, balanced with the creaminess of the milk. It was quite odd, but it somehow worked because the flavour wasn't too overpowering. It was subtle and allowed the creaminess of the milk to lead the way.

Overall, I liked this Skittles milkshake but I'm not sure I would buy it again. The flavour of Skittles isn't something I really look for in a milkshake, but it's an interesting novelty for sure. I think it will be quite popular with children.

Price: £1.29 or 2 for £2 at Tesco.
Ingredients: Doesn't state if suitable for vegetarians. Contains sweet whey powder.
Allergy Advice: Contains milk.


  1. I didn't like normal skittles flavor Milkshake but Wild Berry flavour isn't half bad...


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