E Wedel Pierrot - peanut praline bar

Whilst looking at the chocolates in my local European import store recently I spied this bar of Wedel Pierrot. It caught my attention because of the vibrant packaging and also the jesters hat. After a bit of online research it seems that it's to represent a pantomine character called Pierrot.

The bar is comprised of milk chocolate with a peanut praline filling and chopped peanuts. I was looking forward to tasting it because I love the combination of peanuts and chocolate, it's so moreish!

And indeed it tasted amazing. The peanut praline was super creamy and with a moreish nutty taste, and was so addictive I demolished most of the bar in one go (peanut butter has a similar effect on me!). The chopped peanut pieces added to the moreishness, giving the bar a delicious crunch.

Overall, a delicious bar of chocolate which I would definitely buy again. If you like praline and peanuts, I would recommend having a look for this bar in your local import store.

I noticed there's a different Pierrot bar available, which is smaller and contains pieces of wafer as well as peanut. I might have to give that a try next!

Price: Around £1, although I can't remember exactly.


  1. If you liked that, you should try Bajeczny also by Wedel.

    1. Thanks, I shall look out for it :)

  2. I'll be looking out for this one. I loved the Bajeczny and I've tried a mini Pierrot which was very good!

    1. Is the mini pierrot like this larger bar or does it have the wafer in? I get confused by all these similar bars lol.

    2. It was a praline filling with chopped nuts, so I think it's very similar to this bigger bar.

  3. You should try Polish candies "Michałki" They taste almost like "Pierrot" but "Michałki" ate the best :-)))
    "Bajeczny" is better the "Pierrot"
    Greetings from Poland.


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