Haribo Smurfs Jellies Review

Whilst at Poundland recently I spotted these Haribo Smurfs Jellies. After looking them up online I found that they're to tie-in with the Smurfs 2 film due out next month, which is news to me as I never realized there was even a first Smurfs film!

The jellies are in shapes of all the popular Smurfs characters such as Smurfette, Papa Smurf, Gutsy, Brainy and Grouchy. They come in raspberry, strawberry and lemon flavours.

I was expecting them to taste similar to other sweets in Haribo's range such as Starmix, but to my surprise they had their own unique taste which was very fruity. They reminded me of the original Haribo Gummy Bears but were fruitier and more addictive. I can't quite place what it is that made them so addictive but they really were!

Overall these are a nice spinoff from Haribo and I would definitely buy them again. Along with the new Haribo Tangfastics with watermelon slices they make a nice new addition to the Haribo range.

Stay tuned for more Haribo reviews...I've been finding quite a few new products from them recently!

Price: £1 at Poundland, also available at Primark.
Ingredients: Contains gelatine - not suitable for vegetarians.
Allergy advice: Gluten free.
Nutritional information (per 40g): 137 calories, 0.04g fat, 30.8g carbs (18.2g sugars).


  1. I actually like the German version better since they are not made with gelatin and are nice and chewy. Plus they are suitable for vegetarians and I can actually eat them haha.

  2. You have too much spare time.

  3. I agree that theses are nice addition, perky flavours- almost berry/taint combination. Thanks for reviewing them!!!


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