Nestlé Rowntree's Tropical Fruit Pastilles Review

Perhaps to a cash-in on the recent "summer flavours" trend in confectionery, Nestlé Rowntree's have released this new Tropical variety of Fruit Pastilles. I was surprised to see these in Asda recently since they haven't been advertised and there's been no press release for them - they've just been plonked onto shelves with no warning.

The flavours are lime, pineapple, cherry and melon. Not the most exciting combination of "tropical" flavours, in my opinion. Lime is a bog-standard flavour for many varieties of sweets anyway so how it qualifies as "tropical" is a new one on me. Cherry also doesn't strike me as particularly "tropical", infact it's a staple regular flavour for many sweets brands.

Taste-wise I thought the pastilles were quite boring and pointless, and not all that different to how I remember regular Fruit Pastilles tasting, to be honest. They were very sugary, and even though they contain 25% fruit juice I couldn't really taste it because of the excess sugar. None of the flavours were particularly strong or flavoursome, they were very mild and didn't leave much of an impression.

Overall, I'm not very impressed with these Tropical Fruit Pastilles and think they missed an opportunity to introduce something truly new and different. Other flavours such as passisonfruit, mango, guava, lychee etc would've been be far more suited to the "tropical" tag in my opinion.

Update: There's also an "Orchard Fruits" variety of Fruit Pastilles, apparently available only at Tesco.

Price: £1 at Asda.
Ingredients: Contains gelatine - not suitable for vegetarians.
Allergy advice: None stated.
Nutritional information (7 sweets): 94 calories, 21.9g carbs (15g sugars), Trace of fat.


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