Magnum Strawberry & White Chocolate Ice Creams Review

I'm a big fan of Magnum ice creams - the white chocolate ones in particular, so when I saw this strawberry and white variety recently at Morrisons I couldn't resist giving them a try. It was a hot sunny day too which made them all the more tempting.

For £1.75 you get 4 white chocolate Magnums, described as "Strawberry Ice Cream swirled with a Strawberry Sauce (13%) coated with White Chocolate (23%)".

I shared these with a friend and we both managed to get through 2 ice creams each as they were so tasty!

The white chocolate was thick and had a lovely creamy vanilla-hinted flavour, whilst the strawberry ice cream had a lovely refreshing strawberry taste. The sauce was nice and zingy and gave the ice cream an extra fruity kick. The flavours contrasted perfectly with the creamy white chocolate and made for a very indulgent ice cream.

Overall I think these Strawberry & White Magnums are a delicious creamy treat and are perfect for the Summer weather. If you're a white chocolate fan or a fan of Magnum ice cream in general you seriously need to check these out. Highly recommended!

Price: £1.75 for 4 Magnums at Morrisons. Now available at Asda!
Ingredients: Doesn't state if suitable for vegetarians.
Allergy advice: Contains milk & whey. Gluten free.
Nutritional information (per Magnum): 250 calories, 14g fat, 29g carbs (28g sugars).

(Apologies for the quality of the  pics - I had to rely on a smartphone camera!)


  1. I too brought them from there an along with my bro got through two boxes but they don't sell them anymore!!!!!!

    1. How disappointing! I'm going to have a look in my local Morrisons and see if they still do them. They're fantastic ice creams, it'd be a real shame if nowhere sells them anymore.

  2. Does anyone know if these are sold anywhere in the uk, ive only seen them in ibiza.


    1. They were available in Morrisons for a while but apparently not anymore. You could try discount frozen food stores like Iceland, Farmfoods etc, they sometimes sell surplus stocks.

  3. I saw them in Majorca! Never in the UK sadly.

  4. They sell them in Asda now! Just come across them a couple weeks ago :)

  5. i have been to 3 Asda stores and 2 Morrisons stores and they are now, nowhere to be found. What a shame because i think they taste so much better than the original Magnums.

  6. Available in Asda now......................

  7. Asda London - still available but afraid they might be going soon :(. They should stay in the range as they're the best!

  8. Available on Occado!


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