Galaxy White Chocolate Cookies Review

Galaxy white Chocolate cookies

For some inexplicable reason, Mars UK do Galaxy white hot chocolate, Maltesers white hot chocolate, and now they also do Galaxy white chocolate cookies! Unfortunately they don’t do *actual* bars of Galaxy white chocolate. Either they're trying to gauge demand for one (which already exists in Dubai!) or using the name to sell other products. I hope it's the former because that white chocolate Galaxy looks amazing. Fingers crossed!

On to today's review then - these cookies are currently new and exclusive to Asda for £1 a pack. They come with about 8 cookies per pack that smell super buttery and golden - I knew these were gonna be good!

And they were delicious! They were somehow more creamy and milky than a run of the milk white chocolate cookie, although didn't have butter in the ingredients but they did have whey powder, so I'm presuming whey was added to the cookie mix as well as the white chocolate chunks. These are definitely different to a standard white chocolate chip cookie and very creamy. That being said, they don't beat Fox's White Chunkies Cookies, which are perhaps the best ones...ever!

If this sounds like your kind of thing, head on over to Asda, and if like me you want to see real Galaxy white chocolate bars on shelves - please do email Galaxy and let them know! Alternatively, you could book a flight to Dubai instead...


  1. That's a good point actually about all the white chocolate Galaxy products but never actual bars of chocolate in the UK - they've even done fairly "normal" white chocolate as special things (The Galaxy presents at Christmas spring to mind - they are bubbly, but still just pure white chocolate. Though I'm not sure if they did the white ones last year or just milk...)

    These look delicious though!


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