Coconuts Organic Non Dairy Double Caramel Ice Cream Review

Coconuts organic double caramel

I was very happy this week to see a new dairy free ice cream brand launched in Tesco. They were formerly called Coconuts Naturally, and I reviewed their Rum and Raisin ice cream some time ago, but now they're called Coconuts Organic and have two flavours listed in selected Tesco stores - Double Caramel and Chocolate Orange. The tubs are vegan, refined sugar free (they contain coconut sugar instead), nut free and gluten free. They cost £5 a tub which may seem a lot, but trust me these bad boys are worth it! (especially when compared to Halo Top Dairy Free which is the same price).

Coconuts organic non dairy double caramel ice cream

I bought a tub of both the Chocolate Orange and Caramel, and will review the Orange at a later date. This Double Caramel flavour is described as "Organic non-dairy caramel ice cream, made with coconut cream, unrefined coconut sugar and a caranel swirl" and contains 40% coconut cream, coconut sugar, plus a few natural stabilisers like pectin etc. And it tastes delicious! When I got the tub home the consistency was lovely and melty, and just perfect to eat.

Coconuts organic non dairy double caramel ice cream

I wasn’t quite prepared for just how nice this was! It’s super caramelly, with both the ice cream and sauce being like a one-two punch, and kept making me think of blonde chocolate in ice cream form. Unlike some dairy free ice creams it wasn’t sorbet like at all and in fact had the perfect consistency - creamy but not watery. It tastes pretty much like a real dairy ice cream. The caramel sauce is just enough for little indulgent little mouthfuls. Compared to Halo Top Dairy Free Ice Creams this knocks the pants off them - no contest! 

Overall, if you’re vegan or avoiding dairy for any reason then these are an absolute must-try and will probably become a staple! (they already have with one of my vegan friends I suspect). Definitely the best of all the dairy free ice creams I’ve tried thus far (which granted, isn’t a lot as not many exist, but I’ve still reviewed a fair few by now!) 

Stay tuned for my review of the Chocolate Orange flavour, and let me know in the comments if you’ve tried this, or fancy giving it a try?  


  1. This sounds really promising in lots of ways! It’s nice to see supermarkets stocking products for different dietary requirements. I love the sound of the flavour too! Thanks again for sharing. :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

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