Cadbury Dairy Milk The Raspberry Shortcake Review

cadbury dairy milk raspberry shortcake

As I mentioned in my review of the new Cadbury Dairy Milk Choca-Latte bar, Cadbury UK have gone and released three new flavours of which you can vote for to keep your favourite one. Peoples responses on Instagram have been mixed so it'll certainly be interesting to see which wins, but I've seen a lot of love for both the Latte and Raspberry flavours so far. So which did I prefer?

Well, as nice as the Choca Latte was and it's great having a coffee flavour Dairy Milk bar, it lacks that certain something to make it worthy of staying in my opinion. I thought this Raspberry Shortcake variety was better, even if it's a more simple combination - sometimes simple things are better!

This reminded me a little of the Dairy Milk with Shortcake pieces, that was delicious, available in the early 2000's, and annoyingly discontinued! -

cadbury dairy milk shortcake biscuit

The shortcake bits are similar and very plentiful in this bar, with the dried raspberry bits giving an interesting contrast. It also contains "white crispy pearls" which are a bit like rice crispies.

cadbury dairy milk the raspberry shortcake

Now I'm not usually a big fan of dried raspberry however they really work here paired with the sweet Dairy Milk, crispy pearls and shortcake bits. It's a nice simple combination of flavours and textures that just works well together. I do think maybe strawberry might have been a nice idea instead, since strawberry shortcake is a classic combination, but this is still pretty delicious.

All in all, this is probably my favourite of the new flavours. Let me know yours in the comments below if you've tried them!


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