Seed and Bean Cornish Sea Salt Dark Chocolate

Seed & Bean Cornish Sea Salt

I've been trying a lot of dairy free chocolates lately, it's always nice to find more vegan and dairy free options in shops. One brand I've been buying quite a bit of is Seed and Bean, who make a variety of Organic Vegan chocolates in many different flavours. This particular variety contains 70% cocoa solids, and smoked cornish sea salt. It costs around £2.49 in various health food stores as well as some WH Smiths stores, where I bought this one.

Seed & Bean Cornish Sea Salt

I do like the blocks on Seed and Bean bars, they're a lot more interesting than your average bar and the cocoa pods are a nice touch.

Seed & Bean Cornish Sea Salt

The chocolate is very rich and flavoursome, with a nice melt in the mouth texture. The smoked sea salt gave it a tasty edge, lifting it from average dark chocolate to something a bit more special. I was skeptical initially that the combination would work, but it's actually really nice! I soon demolished a hefty portion of the bar.

Overall, if you're vegan, dairy free or just looking for a different flavour of dark chocolate, you can't go wrong with this! Do also look out for some of Seed and Beans other bars...they do a Coffee Espresso Dark Chocolate, Lemon & Cardamom Dark Chocolate (review due shortly!) and the more out there Lavender Dark Chocolate!

8 out of 10.


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