Caveman Cookies New World Pumpkin, Maple & Cranberry

Caveman Cookies New World

The Paleo Diet has increased in popularity in recent years and with it the range of new Paleo-friendly snacks too. You can now get Protein bars (like The Primal Pantry Paleo Protein Bars), brownies, cookies, nibbles and more. They're usually a bit pricey, but recently I was lucky enough to find these "Caveman Cookies" made by The Caveman Bakery, for only 20p on a market stall. Bargain!

As well as being paleo-friendly they are also gluten and dairy free, and contain no refined sugar. The ingredients consist of "maple syrup, honey, almond meal, pecan meal, dried cranberries, apple juice concentrate, sunflower oil, pumpkin seeds and spices".

Caveman Cookies New World

These aren't any regular cookies...each one comes individually wrapped and is soft and chewy rather than crunchy. I must admit this disappointed me a bit.

Caveman Cookies New World

Luckily they tasted delicious...the moist chewiness is actually nice. The maple syrup is very prominent, as are the spices, cranberries and seeds. It's a nice combination that makes for a very moreish snack..I soon found myself reaching for a few more! It didn't take long to finish off the box, which is a shame since there weren't many in the pack.

Overall, these are certainly a very tasty paleo snack, I wouldn't call them a cookie exactly but they're moreish regardless. They're available from a few UK websites so if you're after some Paleo snacks I'd recommend googling them.

8 out of 10.


  1. 20p?!?!? Can you get nominated for bargain hunter of the year? :D I'm surprised at how they look - do you think they're somewhat like a cookie shaped Nakd bar?

    1. Haha thanks I've always been known to sniff out Bargains, it's in my blood! :D

      Yeah cookie shaped Nakd bar is a pretty accurate description...although it was even softer than that. Shame they weren't crunchy.


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