Go Birch Birch Tree Water Review

Go Birch Birch Tree Water

Along with the Nudie Snacks Premium Coconut Chips I was sent recently, I was also sent this carton of Go Birch Birch Tree Water. I was rather excited...I've tried Birch Water before but this one sounded uber special: "Carefully tapped from Birch trees in the Baltic region of Europe, the pure water is absorbed by the roots of the Birch and filtered slowly through the trees becoming enriched with naturally occurring enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants and minerals such as manganese".

Go Birch Birch Tree Water

From the carton: "For centuries across Europe, the locals have tapped and consumed fresh birch tree water called "sap" to hydrate and detoxify". 

Go Birch Birch Tree Water

I chilled the carton for a good few hours, and poured some into a glass. The sap is clear, and looks pretty much like normal water but with a thicker consistency.

I took a sip. It's mildy sweet, light and refreshing. Almost like sweetened water. That may sound bad but this is actually a very refreshing and pleasant drink. I could definitely feel the hydration from it, and it doesn't have that odd musty flavour that Coconut Water often does.

Overall, I really enjoyed this Go Birch water! It's refreshing and light, and it's good to know that it comes with a hefty dose of minerals. I imagine it'll be perfect for the Summer months if you're on a healthy eating kick. It's sweet enough to taste pleasant without being overly sugary.

8.5 out of 10.

Available from Ocado.com.


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