Nudie Snacks Coconut Chips: Chocolate, Sweet Thai Chilli & Original

Nudie Snacks Chocolate Premium Toasted Coconut Chips

Recently I was contacted by Nudie Snacks, makers of a range of Premium Toasted Coconut Chips, and offered to review some of their range. Being a lover of all things coconut and a regular snacker on coconut chips I could hardly refuse.

Nudie Snacks sent me three varieties; Chocolate, Sweet Thai Chilli and Original. The original variety has won a Great Taste 2014 Award, and after trying them I can see why!

Nudie Snacks Premium Toasted Coconut Chips Chocolate:

I thought I'd start with the most exciting flavour first...what better combination could there be than chocolate and coconut?! These are vegan, gluten and dairy free, and contain only toasted coconut chips, sugar, cocoa powder and sea salt. And they tasted AH-MA-ZING! I've tried a few varieties of Coconut Chips now, from Holland and Barrett's, to Itsu and Urban Fruit. But these are hands down the nicest of the lot! The chips are perfectly toasted whilst the cocoa gives it that extra indulgent chocolatey hit, making them feel like a naughty treat rather than something healthy. These get a big 9 out of 10!

Nudie Snacks Premium Toasted Coconut Chips Original:

This Great Taste 2014 Award Winning variety may be a bit plainer in comparison to the Chocolate, but it's just as tasty in its own right. The chips contain coconut, cane sugar and sea salt and again are perfectly toasted. They have a sweet and almost caramelly flavour that is perfect, and the touch of salt is spot on, making them very moreish. I couldn't stop nomming! 8.5 out of 10.

Nudie Snacks Sweet Thai Chilli Premium Toasted Coconut Chips:
Nudie Snacks Sweet Thai Chilli Premium Toasted Coconut Chips

Last but not least is the Sweet Thai Chilli flavour, which is also vegan, gluten and dairy free and contains coconut chips, sugar, salt, pepper, chilli, paprika and coconut oil.

Nudie Snacks Sweet Thai Chilli Premium Toasted Coconut Chips

Unlike the other flavours this is more of a savoury flavour, whilst still managing to pull off a sweet chilli taste. It's very moreish and addictive! Certainly just as satisfying as a bag of chilli flavoured crisps, and a lot more healthy too. I thoroughly enjoyed these. 8.5 out of 10. 

Overall, I have only good things to say about this range of Coconut Chips from Nudie Snacks; all the varieties are perfectly toasted, fresh and crunchy whilst the flavours are on point. The best part is that all are with fairly clean ingredients - no dairy or artificial nonsense! I hope to see these in the shops, because they're a lot nicer than pretty much all of the other varieties I've reviewed thus far.

Nudie Snacks are available from or Nudie Snacks Website.


  1. I love coconut chips! There's a brand in Thailand which does a salted caramel flavour. will have to find these to try.


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