Walkers Tear 'N' Share Lightly Salted Crisps

Walkers tear n share lightly salted crisps

Winner of the most pointless new product of the year goes to...Walkers Crisps Tear 'N Share! Yes, Walkers have done what so many companies do when sales fall and have repackaged an existing product in a new format for a different "occasion", so they can slap a "new" label on it. 

These Walkers Tear N Share are in a bag that also supposedly doubles up as a bowl, and contain Walkers Thicker Cut crisps. When I opened the bag I was puzzled as to what was so different, it didn't look like much of a "bowl" to me, just a regular old bag of crisps! 

Walkers tear and share

Apparently, according to the wrapper I'd opened it wrong, so I opened it from the other side to see if it looked any more like a bowl. No luck!:

Walkers tear n share

It was a bit easier to keep it upright though, if you should choose to share these crisps with friends. Because maybe your friends are too stupid to hold a "regular" bag of crisps without dropping them! 

The crisps tasted like regular Walkers Salted Crisps, of course. Nice and crunchy and salty, but nothing groundbreaking as far as crisps go. 

Overall, as I expected these Walkers Tear N Share "bag and a bowl" crisps are obviously a gimmick...but hey, it works I suppose; these are currently gracing the shelves of many a Tesco Express store. Whether or not they'll be around this time next year will be interesting to see...I say they won't! Tune in next year to find out folks! 

7 out of 10. 


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