M&S The Nutty One Peanut Butter Bar

Marks and Spencer the nutty one

I would dedicate this review to a certain nutty snacks pal...she knows who she is...if it weren't for the fact she can't eat peanuts without going pop. Also M&S have already named a bar after her, The Crazy One, so I guess I'll have to dedicate this one to moi! 

Marks and Spencer the nutty one

This bar cost arond 75p and is described as "Milk chocolate with a layer of soft chocolate fudge (28%), a crunchy centre with salted peanuts (22%) and peanut butter (6%)". 

Marks and Spencer the nutty one

For comparison sake I would say this is somewhat similar to a Reese's Nutrageous, but an inferior version. I couldn't really detect any peanut butter as such, but I could definitely taste the salted peanuts. What I didn't like too much about this bar was the fudge filling, it didn't seem quite right somehow, all I could really taste was sweetness with some salted nuts thrown in. The peanut butter seemed a bit lost in everything else. It's a nice enough bar don't get me wrong, but not quite the peanut buttery hit I was hoping for. 

Overall, as always with peanut butter snacks, Reese's reigns supreme and no one shall challenge their supremacy! This is a decent effort from M&S, but it could do with a few tweaks in my opinion. 

*Amy of Seeks New Treats has also reviewed this and enjoyed it a lot more, so I'm wondering if maybe I got a duff bar? If M&S want to send me a bar to re-sample I'd be up for that! ;) 

7 out of 10. 


  1. Hey! I bought this bar based on Amy's review but found it as disappointing as you :-( I thought it would have a lot more bite but it ended up tasting like a half melted, inferior, fudge bar that had had a small trist with some peanut butter, rather than the punchy, peanuty Adonis I was hoping for.

  2. Find reeses too greasy and sweet

  3. Have you tried the USA peanut butter Twix?

    1. I did many years ago..can't eat it now though due to gluten allergy :(


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