Magnum Double Peanut Butter UK

Magnum double peanut butter

I'm a bit late reviewing these new Double Peanut Butter Magnums..when they first came out I was on another sugar detox and had to sadly look on whenever I saw them. I've since made up for lost time though, and these were one of the first things in my basket when I started on the sugar again!

Magnum double peanut butter

It's unfortunate that Magnums have had to shrink in size, it's a measure to try and keep the calories under 250 which is fair enough, but leaves a bad taste in the mouth and means that yet again we are paying more money for less. That doesn't matter though if the products taste great, right? 

Magnum double peanut butter

Well thankfully these Magnums are spot-on in terms of indulgence. The ice cream is peanut butter flavoured, with a nice savoury flavour that's just about right for a peanut butter ice cream. It's coated in a darker chocolatey "flavoured" layer, which is surrounded by a peanutty caramel sauce, and then coated in milk chocolate. The caramel adds the perfect indulgent twist, lifting what would otherwise be an ordinary Magnum to something a big more naughty. I really enjoyed these! 

Overall, these are some seriously tasty Magnums. I do think they could be improved with a more peanutty flavoured sauce or a layer of "real" peanut butter, but maybe that wouldn't work too well when frozen. Either way, these are pretty yummy ice creams and ones I would buy again. 

8 out of 10. 


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