Haagen Dazs Summer Berries & Cream

Haagen Dazs summer berries and cream

When I first spotted this new Haagen Dazs variety in the shops I was very tempted to try it, however as it was always at full price I never bothered. Luckily though, it recently appeared in my local Heron Frozen Foods store for only £1.29...bargain! 

It's a simple combination of berry flavoured ice cream with a swirl of berry sauce. I let it soften up a bit before serving, as Haagen Dazs is always rock solid when you first remove it from the tub! 

As much as I love Haagen Dazs ice cream, I have to say I can see why this has ended up in a discount store...it's just not as great as the other fantastic flavours they do. It's creamy and indulgent of course, but I felt the richness of the ice cream overpowered any subtle fruity flavours. The Berry sauce was nice but there wasn't enough of it really. 

Overall, as good quality as this ice cream is I don't think it's one that will be around for much longer, there's just so many other nicer Haagen Dazs flavours out there. 

7.5 out of 10. 


  1. Ah it looked so good! All style and no substance :( xx


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