Nestlé Aero Bubbles Bubbly White Review

Last year Nestlé UK held a competition on their Aero Facebook page to introduce a new Aero flavour. The winner was white chocolate, which was launched as a limited edition small bar earlier in the year. To see my review of it click HERE.

Since then they've launched it in large block format, as well as these bite-size Aero Bubbles. I don't often buy Aero Bubbles but thought I'd give these a try just in case they tasted any different from the bar version.

The Bubbles are described as "An aerated vanilla flavoured centre with a half milk chocolate flavoured, half vanilla flavoured shell". They don't actually contain "real" white chocolate...just a vanilla flavoured "confection" made up of vegetable fat and whey powder.

The Bubbles had an odd taste - very sweet and powdery with an artificial vanilla flavour. I didn't really enjoy them to be honest, they were neither here nor there - there wasn't a strong vanilla influence nor was there any chocolatey creaminess. For a pound these will satisfy any sweet tooth but if you're looking for a "treat" I would look elsewhere!

RATING: 5.5 out of 10. 

Price: £1 at Sainsbury's
Suitable for vegetarians?: Yes.
Allergy Information: Contains milk.
Nutrition (per 8 bubbles): 129 Calories, 7.1g Fat, 14.9g Carbs, 14.8g Sugar. 


  1. I've only had the chocolate areo bar but I've had mint and orange bubbles in desserts in restaurants. I don't really like them - the mint/orange filling is made out of "Sugar, Vegetable fat, Whey powder, Dried skimmed milk, Butterfat"... so its just bubbles of sugar and fat, yuck. Plain chocolate aero is good though.


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