Nestlé Joe Hot Choco (Romania) Review

Another one from the snacks archive, this one is Nestlé Joe Hot Choco which I found in B&M Bargains. When I first bought this I naively thought that maybe...just might include a chocolate mug, because it shows one on the box. I know, silly right?! I was disappointed when I found out that it didn't and felt very foolish indeed!

Misleading advertising!
What it did contain were 12 sachets of hot chocolate...a bargain for a pound!

The hot chocolate tasted very nice indeed, very milky and frothy although perhaps not quite as nice as the likes of Cadbury's Hot Chocolate... but who can grumble for a pound?!
Joe is a Romanian Nestlé brand, so I can't determine much more about the actual product unfortunately. I gather the brand is quite popular in Romania and I've reviewed a few of their wafer products before - see here:

Nestlé Joe Hazelnut Wafers
Nestlé Joe Apple & Cinnamon Wafers

RATING: 7 out of 10. 


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