Spotted In Shops! Irn Bru Ice Cream, Kitkat Cones, D'aim Ice Cream, Smarties Sharing Blocks & More!

The supermarkets are currently gearing up for Summer and Tesco in particular have launched a whole new batch of frozen products...they had two whole freezers dedicated to new ice creams when I was in there recently! So today's Spotted In Shops features heavily on ice cream, as well as many other interesting products I've spotted while out and about...

Barr Irn Bru Ice Cream Bars

Yes, the famous Scottish drink that's "made from girders" has been transformed into frozen form! These are of course made by the "original and best" Iron Brew makers A.G Barr. I have to say it's great to see such a well-loved traditional fizzy drink evolve like this. I'll definitely be trying some of these when Summer arrives!

Nestlé Kitkat Ice Cream Cones

In more ice cream goodness there's these new Kitkat Cones. I say new, but I'm sure they've been available in the past. Still they sound ace and I can't wait to try them!

D'aim Ice Cream

Also new (for the UK at least) is this D'aim Ice Cream, described as "D'aim flavour ice cream with D'aim pieces". As a fan of D'aim bars I can't wait to try this!

Nestlé Smarties Sharing Block

Nestlé did Smarties bars years ago in both milk and white chocolate (there's a Facebook Page to bring back the white chocolate version!) but unfortunately discontinued them. Luckily they've now resurrected the milk chocolate variety in large sharing blocks. Available from all supermarkets (often broken into pieces, I've noticed) for around £1 or more.

Nestlé Rowntree's Tangy Tots

Also new from Nestlé are these Rowntree's Tangy Tots. Of course we all know (and hopefully love) regular Rowntree's Jelly Tots, so it's rather exciting to get a new variety! Oddly, they're only available in joined-together mini packs from Tesco. There's also another new variety called Chewy Tots - see a review here from A Review A Day.

Haribo Bonissimo Sugar-Free Sweets

Sugar-free sweets will be the next big trend in the UK according to this article, so it's no surprise to see Haribo launching these "Bonissimo" jellies. I'm not sure what sweeteners they use to replace the sugar - presumably isomalt. If you've tried these please let me know in the comments! 

New Chewits Chewmix

Chewits usually come in a stick format but they've now launched into sharing bags too. These contain "a random mix of fruit flavour chewy sweets" and "no hydrogenated fats".

Chewits Xtreme Chewmix

For the more "xtreme" among you, there's this "random mix of sour apple and tutti frutti flavour" Chewits. I'm not sure how having just two flavours makes them "random", exactly?!

Crik Crak Bacon Crisps

In a local Polish store I spotted these scary looking Crik Crak crisps thanks to the mad face on the wrapper. They're bacon flavoured and his face is made from bacon, so no wonder he's mad! There's a review of them by which makes me glad I didn't buy any - they sound a bit naff! If you've tried these yourself let me know in the comments! 

McVitie's Junior Smurfs Biscuits

I spotted these McVitie's Junior Smurf biscuits in B&M. They're described as "biscuits with a chocolate flavoured filling", although judging by the picture Papa Smurf's hat is coated in chocolate too! 

Sonko Strawberry Coated Rice Cakes (Polish)

I saw these in a local Polish store and just had to take a pic as I've never seen strawberry coated rice cakes before. We all know that rice cakes taste like cardboard, but maybe in this form they're a bit more palatable?!

Sonko Musli Rice Cakes (Polish)

In the same Polish store they also had these "Musli" flavoured rice cakes. Since there was a coconut on the wrapper I presume it includes coconut flavouring...which sounds rather nice! 

Branston Cheese & Pickle Flavour Coated Peanuts

In B&M I saw these Branston Cheese & Pickle flavour "double crunch" coated peanuts. I'm not sure if these are new but they sure sound interesting! 

Big Eat -  Chunky Turkish Delights & Chewy Caramels 

Last but not least are these "Big Eat" chocolates which I also saw in B&M. There wasn't much info - no brand name or anything - they're simply described as "A delicious selection of chunky milk chocolate coated turkish delights and chewy caramels". It's a bit unusual to mix caramels and turkish delights so I'm curious how they taste together. If you've tried them please let me know your thoughts!

Well, that's all for this edition of Spotted In Shops - I hope everyone's enjoyed reading! If you spot any new products please let me know via email/twitter and I'll be happy to feature your submissions in a future edition! 


  1. I'd stay away from the Haribo Bonissimo Kev. They taste great (a little bit like raw jelly) but the sweetener used to replace the sugar has serious laxative effects. The bag doesn't contain that many sweets so it's easy to eat them all and then pay the price later!

    1. Thanks for the warning! I've had sugar free jellies in the past and suffered the effects so I'll definitely avoid these..

  2. I would recommend avoiding the Smurf biscuits too. I thought they looked cute on the box but the actual biscuits were just awful - very stale (even though they were well within their use by date) with cheap chocolate.

    I really want to try those Kit Kat cones though!

  3. Those strawberry rice cakes look unnervingly like slices of processed meat...


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