Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles Blue & White Chocolate Bar - Review

I was very excited to find this bar on a local market stall recently. I'm a big fan of bubblegum cola bottles, they're perhaps even nicer than classic cola bottles, so a bar based on them sounded like a great idea! The cola bottles are embedded in a slab of half white and half blue coloured chocolate, which looks really cool - I don't think I've ever seen blue chocolate before!

As snazzy as the bar looked, I wasn't all that excited once I sniffed it. I always mention the smell of chocolate in my reviews and with good reason - you can often tell a good chocolate by its aroma! This one smelled of...well, rotten milk.

I broke off a piece with a bit of cola bottle stuck to it and took a bite. The cola bottle was just as nice as I remember - sour and tangy with an unmistakable bubblegum flavour. The chocolate unfortunately was pretty bad - it was extremely cheap tasting and seemed rather stale, like the milk had gone off or something. It was horrible...infact I needed a drink of water to take away the taste it was so bad! The blue chocolate didn't taste any different from the white, it was just coloured blue.

Overall, this bar was very underwhelming. I had very high hopes because the idea of a chocolate bar based on bubblegum cola bottles sounded so cool! And it looks pretty cool too with its blue and white chocolate. Sadly the result was very disappointing, probably due to being made by an unknown company ("Sweet Shop Choc's" by Kingsway) producing chocolate only fit for discount stores.

RATING: 4 out of 10. 

Price: 69p at local market. Also seen them in TK Maxx.


  1. I knew these were trouble as soon as I saw them, eeeeek

  2. Cool review but would like to add kingsway is a massive company which is hancocks own brand.


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