Spotted In Shops! - Ritz Breaks, New Müller Corners, Chicken & Herb Pringles, One Direction Biscuits, etc...

A few more new products I've seen whilst out shopping recently...

Cadbury Crunchie Minis Ice Creams

Contains Crunchie flavour ice cream with a Crunchie chocolate coating - available at Asda and other supermarkets.

Ritz Breaks Rosemary & Olive Oil

New Ritz crackers in a handy "breaks" format. Available at Asda.

Müller Corner Apple & Pear - Voted by You

New "voted by you" apple & pear flavour Müller Corner. Available at Asda.

Müller Corner Dessert Inspired Banoffee Pie Yogurt

And a "dessert inspired" banoffee pie Müller Corner - because you can never have enough banoffee pie variations! Also at Asda.

Müller Corner Greek Style Mango & Passionfruit

Completing the trio of new Müller Corners is this Greek Style Mango & Passionfruit flavour. Also at Asda.

Nestlé Ski Smooth Coconut Yogurt - Limited Edition

Limited edition low fat Ski coconut flavour yogurts, also at Asda.

Nestlé Aero Orange & Choc Bubbly Mousse - Limited Edition

A limited edition chocolate and orange Aero mousse - available from most supermarkets. And Asda ;)

Nestlé Vanilla Yogurt with mini Aero Bubbles

This is simply a vanilla yogurt with a side portion of mini Aero Bubbles. How exciting...not! I saw these've guessed it...Asda!

NEW Pringles Roast Chicken & Herbs Flavour

I thought Pringles already did a chicken flavour but apparently not as these are labelled "new". According to the box "you don't just eat 'em'". I'm not sure what else you're supposed to do with them exactly - use them as earrings?!

Early Times Fire Eater Hot Cinnamon Liquer

There was a whole shelf of this cinnamon liquer at Asda, so they must expecting it to be popular. I'm a fan of cinnamon but not sure if I fancy it in liquer form. If you've tried this please let me know your thoughts!

Sweet Shop Choc's Chocolate Bar with Fizzy Pink & Blue Cola Bottles

Cola bottles are ace...especially the pink and blue ones, so this chocolate bar looks amazing! Spotted in TK Maxx.

Super Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong Klik Candy Dispensers                                             

Fans of Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong will love these! As a longtime Super Mario fan I'll be going for the Mario version. Available at Asda.

 Multi Millions Chewy Sweets

Millions aren't new but this Multi Millions bumper pack is. It contains various different Millions flavours, including apple! Spotted in B&M. 

One Direction Mini Biscuits

Oh dear...when will it end?! One Direction mini biscuits half covered with milk chocolate. Spotted in Poundland. 

Jelly Belly Hello Kitty Jelly Beans

These jelly beans come in 5 different flavours, all of which appear to be various shades of pink and red. Nice if you're a fan of Hello Kitty. Spotted in TK Maxx.

Bahlsen X-tra Tasty Caramel Biscuit Sticks

I'm not sure if these are a Bahlsen take on Twix, but they look very similar. Having tried other Bahlsen products recently I bet they're delicious - if you've tried these let me know in the comments! These are available at Poundland, but I've also seen them in Waitrose. I know where I'll be buying them from!

The Mallow Tree Marshmallow Mushrooms

A marshmallow version of the classic coconut mushrooms sweets. These look amazing! Spotted in TK Maxx.

The Mallow Tree Orange Marshmallows

Orange shaped and flavoured marshmallows. These look so cute! Also at TK Maxx.

The Mallow Tree Strawberry Marshmallows

And a strawberry version!

The Mallow Tree Lemon Marshmallows

Plus a lemon version!

Chocolate iPhone

Last but not least, I spotted this iPhone shaped chocolate slab in TK Maxx. Made in Germany.

That's all for this week's Spotted In Shops - if you've seen any cool new products please do get in touch via twitter/email, and I'll be happy to give you a mention in a future edition!


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  4. I love Fire Eater. I used to enjoy a spicy Cola Tesco used to do and this with Cola reminds me of that.


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