Fini Chicle Camel Balls & Zed Pus Balls: Rude Bubble Gum Review!

Oh, the think, these sweets have been sold to children! Yes, according to The Mirror this rude bubble gum caused outrage with a mother when her daughter innocently bought "Camel Balls" from a local newsagent.

Of course we all know why these are amusing so I really needn't explain anything. But... what do camel balls taste like? (something I'm sure we've all wondered at some point?!)

Opening the wrapper revealed...

...a single, brown camel ball that looked a bit like a mini egg. Cutting it in half (ouch!) revealed...

...gooey red liquid!

Unfortunately the bubble gum wasn't all that tasty, and certainly won't be converting me to the delights of camel balls any time soon! It tasted slightly cheap and had an odd coconut flavour, with the red filling tasting sweet but of very little.

Overall though, these are an interesting novelty and worth buying for the rude wrapper! I'm constantly seeing wrappers for these on the pavements where I live, so presumably they must be popular.

RATING: 6.5 out of 10.

Pus Balls:

More disgusting than rude, these Pus Balls were right next to the Camel Balls so I had to give them a try too. They're a bit harder and chewier than the Camel Balls and are pink coloured.

Cutting one open revealed a yellowish "pus" filling...yuck!

It tasted a little more pleasant than the Camel Balls, with a slight fruity flavour. The liquid filling was sweet but didn't taste of much. These are made by a company called Zed Candy, based in the USA.

Overall, I think these are a bit pointless in a world where Camel Balls exist!

RATING: 6.5 out of 10.

Have you tried Camel Balls or Pus Balls? If so what did you think? Are they too rude for children?


  1. Hehe - my daughters came back with camel balls a few weeks back, they sell them in our next door corner shop! I was very amused to say the least ;)


  2. lol I've tried camel balls and it was not my favorite at all, I give it a 2/10.


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