White Chocolate Twix - Limited Edition Review

Many thanks to Monster Sweets for sending me some fantastic snacks to review recently; I've already reviewed the Ritter Sport Winter Caramel Orange Bar but this time it's the turn of the White Chocolate Twix, a bar that was available in the UK in the mid-2000's but unfortunately discontinued. It's still available over in Europe though, so many thanks to Monster Sweets for bringing them to the UK!

This bar is a limited edition and weighs 50 grams in total. Opening the wrapper revealed two familiarly shaped Twix fingers coated in white chocolate:

They smelled creamy and enticing. Cutting a finger in half revealed a layer of firm caramel above a shortbread biscuit base:

Biting into a piece I was first met with a creamy, milky sweetness from the white chocolate, and then the chewy buttery caramel and crunchy shortbread base. It's the perfect combination of flavours and textures, and I thought it somehow tasted even nicer than a regular milk chocolate Twix. The white chocolate brings a creaminess to the caramel and shortbread that makes it very moreish indeed! It didn't take me long to scoff both fingers, although I dipped the second one in coffee which made it all melted and gooey - yum!

Overall, this is a delicious variation on the Twix bar and I think it's much nicer than the milk chocolate version - highly recommended!

RATING: 8 out of 10.

This bar is available from the Monster Sweets Online Store HERE.

Price: £1.09.
Suitable for vegetarians?: Not sure.

*I was sent this bar for an honest review and all opinions expressed are my own. 


  1. This sounds absolutely delicious! I really want to try this now :) great review as always

    1. Thanks Erin :) It's a very tasty bar indeed! I wish the multipacks they used to do were still available.

  2. I am probably the biggest fan of white chocolate alive, but this bar didn't appeal to me at all. It was too sweet (but not in a good way). Anyway, I love combination of white chocolate and caramel <3

  3. I love white chocolate, I completely missed this before.......I would love it to be re-distributed in the UK!
    (Dear Thirty)

  4. I love Twix and this white chocolate version is great. I wish they'd re-release it here permanently!

  5. I love white chocolate. I can't eat regular chocolate. Allergic to it. I wish they would make different kinds of candy bars that are made of white chocolate. I think that they should have them in the stores more often. Or more permanently

  6. Never tried it but it sounds amazing

  7. You neglected to mention the layer of normal chocolate underneath the caramel. Lazy and no detail.

    1. Piss off. This is a hobby not a job.


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