Terry's White Chocolate Orange Review

This white chocolate version of Terry's Chocolate Orange isn't new as far as I'm aware...it's been around intermittently since the early 2000's with names such as "Snowball", but nevertheless it's again being billed as "new" on most confectionery news websites. It's made by Kraft, who now have larger distribution power to sell their goods in the UK thanks to buying out Cadbury - so expect to see a lot more Chocolate Oranges in the future!

Although this isn't really "new", it's technicaly new this year since for the last few Christmases Terry's did the White Chocolate Orange Smasher instead, which contained tutti frutti sugar pieces. Personally I thought that was a lot more fun than this plain white chocolate version...the fruity pieces looked really cool and were a nice change!

Still, I can't complain too much because this White Chocolate Orange tastes great. It's a lot milkier and of course sweeter than the Milk Chocolate version, but it's still very moreish and I'm sure kids will love it. Infact, I actually preferred it over the Milk version...just goes to show I'm really a big kid at heart!

Overall, this isn't really anything all that "new", infact I think Kraft have taken a back-step by replacing the Chocolate Orange Smasher with this...but nevertheless it's still a tasty variation of Chocolate Orange and all fans of white chocolate should give it a try!

RATING: 8 out of 10.


  1. I much prefer this version without the fruity pieces - I was so excited when I found it was back! I think I'll cry if Santa doesn't bring me one ;)

  2. where can I buy it that's the problem

  3. I have been to morrisons and asda DO NOT HAVE IT

  4. Kev u r an absolute legend please respond to this message it will make my day u r a legend


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