Nestlé Quality Street Fruit Cremes Carton Review (with new Lemon Creme!)

When I discovered that Nestlé had brought out this new assortment box of Quality Street Fruit Cremes I got very excited, probably more than anyone should be over chocolates! That's because I've always been a fan of the fruit cremes in tins of Quality Street, ever since I as a kid, and have very fond memories of them. There's just something about biting into the rich, dark chocolate to find the soft, sweet fruity creme underneath that has always appealed to me. I even remember when they introduced a "Fruits of the Forest" flavour one year, which I've mourned the loss of ever since!

Sadly, like many of the sweets from my youth I now think Quality Street taste too sweet. This is true of most chocolates I used to love - Milkybar, Kitkat, Dairy Milk, Rolos, Mars Bars...the list goes on. I'm not sure if manufacturers are adding more sugar nowadays or if I've just developed better taste (I seriously doubt it's the latter! ;) )

When I heard these were reduced to £2 at Tesco recently I sought them out straightaway. My sense of "Fruit Creme nostalgia" was just too strong to ignore!

dark chocolate with orange flavoured fondant
Orange Creme
When I bought them I was excited to find they contained a new flavour, one that's never been done by Quality Street before - a lemon creme! This made the big kid in me all giddy and excited. A new variety of Quality Street is always something to celebrate, or at least it was when I was younger...

dark chocolate with lemon flavoured fondant
Lemon Creme
Unfortunately, my excitement was shattered when I tasted them. They're not awful, but they were just too sweet, boring and one-dimensioanl. I couldn't really taste anything other than sugar with a hint of fruit flavouring.

The Orange Creme was a lot sweeter than I remember it used to be, so much so I couldn't eat more than one.

The Strawberry Cream was my favourite as it still retained some of its original charm and had a decent strawberry flavour, although again; it was very sweet.

The Lemon Creme was the big disappointment though...rather than providing a zingy, citrusy hit, it just had a faint whiff of lemon flavour. It was also very sweet, which dominated any faint lemon flavours that might have been there.

dark chocolate with a strawberry flavour fondant
Strawberry Creme
Overall, as someone who used to be a huge fan of the Fruit Cremes in Quality Street, this assortment was a big disappointment. Not only was the new lemon variety a letdown, but the other flavours I used to enjoy seem to have gone downhill in quality too. I will now have to find my fruity chocolate fixes elsewhere... (probably in the direction of Hotel Chocolat!)

For those who prefer the toffees and fudges in Quality Street, they're now available in their very own box too.

Price: I paid £2 on special offer, RRP is £4.
Suitable for vegetarians?: Yes.
Allergy Information: May contain milk and nuts.
Nutrition (per 3 sweets): 124 Calories, 2.5g Fat, 24.3g Carbs.

RATING: 5 out of 10. 


  1. You may like the dark chocolate creams from Holy Cow, they are quite sweet from memory but the dark chocolate helps counter balance that:

  2. I've tried the Quality Street Fruit Cremes before and I liked the lemon cremes, but I didn't notice any difference in the taste of the orange and strawberry ones since my childhood. I chose these over the toffees and fudges because I find them boring, especially the Toffee Penny.

  3. I have a very sweet tooth but over the last couple of years I have begun to find many chocolate bars too sweet, so is it a change in the composition of chocolate casing and the filling. In my case no bad thing as I could stand to lose a pound or to! I wondered if it could be that your taste buds change as you age and in my case are post menopause

  4. I'm thinking i'm getting old, i actually bought these and found the lemon ones particularly rancid... :(

  5. I was given these as a gift at Christmas and think they are superb. How fantastic to receive a box of chocolates and find not one that I have to give away! usually I am lucky if I actually like half of the box. My only disappointment is that I am not finding them any where to replace the box long since enjoyed.

    1. I haven't seen them either. Maybe it's a good thing coz I'm diabetic but I love them

  6. I don't know what you've been buying or eating Kev but the flavoring in these cremes are perfect and my new favourite it's the lemon zing. I too was excited at nestle just doing the cremes and they haven't disappointed me at all. I counted how many chocolates there were and there were 32. A great amount for the price I paid at £2.50 from Nisa. So Kev if you haven't finished yours as they are to sweet for you then post them to me and I'll eat them.


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