Cadbury Pep - Canadian Peppermint Patty Review

When The Canada Shop got in touch with me to review some snacks from their site recently I jumped at the chance. I've always viewed Canadian snacks longingly online but rarely bought any as they're so hard to find in the I was very excited!

One of the snacks I was sent was this Cadbury Pep, a round of peppermint fondant patty coated in milk chocolate. I've never seen this product before from Cadbury so it was a completely new one on me! And considering Cadbury in the UK don't currently make any minty chocolate bars this seemed very novel indeed.

It's basically a large, thick round of After Eight-style fondant coated with milk chocolate rather than dark chocolate, and is very tasty! It had a creamy peppermint flavour that wasn't too overwpowering, and surprisingly the level of sweetness was just about right. I don't know how they managed it but this was nowhere near as sickly sweet as I had expected it to be. That said, it's probably best to share one with a friend just out of generosity!

Overall, Cadbury Pep is a surprisingly tasty snack which I would recommend to anyone who likes After Eights or Kendal Mint Cakes.

Cadbury Pep is available from The Canadian Store HERE along with many other Canadian snacks goodies!

*I was sent this product for an honest review and all opinions expressed are my own. 

Price: 95p.
Allergy Information: Contains milk and egg, may contain nuts.

RATING: 8 out of 10. 


  1. Thanks for the review, I'd not heard of this product before! Interestingly, the classic York Peppermint Patty was once a brand owned by Cadbury - this changed when Cadbury pulled out of the US in 1988 and sold it, along with all the other Peter Paul brands to Hershey in 1988.

  2. Cadbury Pep has been around for many, many years. Bought my first one back in the 1960s. I think the mint is a little less strong flavoured than it used to be, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, as I seem to remember the taste as being a bit overpowering as a child. Still enjoy them from time to time.

  3. As a youngster, my sister and I would be given sample boxes of Pep and Jersey Milk from the Neilson dairy. My sister absolutely loved the mini Peps, while my favourite was the Jersey Milk. Have you tried the latter?

  4. Just introduced a Canadian friend to the Dairy Queen Dilly Bar, mint-chocolate flavor. She liked it, and said it tasted like a frozen Pep. I imagine lots of people freeze their Peps in the summer?

  5. I'm Canadian, been eating these my entire life. I always throw it in the freezer first. Unfortunately they are becoming nearly impossible to find in Canada! I assumed they were British, and even went to the local British Food Import shops to try and find them! Obviously no luck. But YOU on the other hand ARE lucky. Buy 'em while you still can!


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