Montezuma's Dark Chocolate Orange & Geranium Bar

montezumas dark chocolate orange and geranium

I used to bemoan the lack of interesting flavours in UK confectionery, but since I started this blog there's been an ever-increasing range of new, unique and interesting bars finding their way into shops. You have to seek them out, but they are there! The Chocolate Smiths are one company that spring to mind with their endless limited edition wacky flavours (see a review of The Bacon Bizarre here from my SW pal), but one company I never expected to do something so unusual is Montezuma's. I've tried a few of their bars before but I was never too impressed, the quality of the chocolate is good but it didn't quite justify the higher price tags in my opinion. However when I saw this Geranium & Orange dark chocolate bar on offer in Sainsbury's recently I thought this is something I have to try, even though pairing flower oil with chocolate is weird it might nice? After all, Earl Grey tea works like a charm even though it really shouldn't!

The dark chocolate is organic and contains 73% cocoa solids, as well as organic sugar and vanilla. It also contains orange oil and geranium oil, both which aren't organic but are GM free. The bar is also suitable for vegans, although may contain traces of dairy, nuts and seeds.

The chocolate has a strong floral citrusy aroma, I couldn't decide if I liked it or not, it verges a little too much on the flowery side but I put aside my assumptions and took a bite...

At first, I screwed my face up a little. I wasn't sure I liked this at all. It had a very strong flowery taste which of course I'm not used to. Then as I chewed it, the orange flavouring came in with the aftertaste, and I started to find it quite pleasant and warming. The more I ate of this bar the more acclimatised to it I got, it's definitely very bold but it was somehow alluring and actually quite nice once you get over the intial weirdness of the flavour.

Overall, this is definitely an acquired taste. It's not something I'd recommend to the average chocolate consumer at all, but if you like to keep things interesting and adapt your tastebuds...I challenge you to give it a try! The chocolate is good quality dark chocolate, definitely a step up from the likes of Lindt. I'd be interested to see Montezuma's take on Earl Grey tea in bar form, I imagine that would work quite well...

8 out of 10.


  1. Floral chocolate.. Jeepers. Not sure I could stomach that! xx

    1. This definitely isn't one for you Cakey my dear :( xx

  2. Mmmmm looks like my kind of bar.

  3. This bar has been one of my very favourites since I tried it about 5 years ago. Really good. Their dark chocolate, sea salt and lime Sea Dog is pretty bloody lovely too.


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