Marks & Spencer Belgian Milk Chocolate Covered Cashews

There's been a rather extensive load of new products at M&S recently, it's all a bit overwhelming especially with their Spirit of Summer range. One new product that caught me eye were these Belgian Milk Chocolate Covered Cashews. I'm a big fan of cashew nuts (although my nut allergy does sometimes flare up with them), but I've never tried them coated in chocolate...this could either be very wrong or very yummy...I had to find out!

They're basically honey caramelised cashew nuts rolled in milk chocolate, and some of them are quite hefty in size! I took out a handful for a good munch, and I'm pleased to say they were very yummy indeed. I've never had honey caramelized cashews before so this was a first, but they were very tasty; the honey brings out the natural sweetness of the cashews perfectly, with the creamy milk chocolate finishing it off beautifully.

Overall, these are a very tasty treat indeed, and one I'd buy again! They certainly beat chocolate coated peanuts or raisins in the tastiness stakes.

8 out of 10.


  1. Something else from the spirit of summer range I need to try. These are right up my street


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