Marks & Spencer Chocolate Fudge Whips

Marks and Spencer chocolate fudge whips

I tried the Marks & Spencer Salted Caramel Whips way back when, but this Chocolate Fudge variety somehow passed me by since there's been so many other new treats out. However, these were reduced to just £1 a box the other day in M&S so I couldn't resist giving them a try! There's three whips per box with a layer of soft mallow and chocolate fudge above it, coated in milk chocolate and dark chocolate, with a little white chocolate coated fudge piece on top.

Marks and Spencer chocolate fudge whips

Like the Salted Caramel Whips, these have an unusual shape and are a bit different to a regular walnut whip. I do like the shape, it's quite fun but it does make the whip difficult to bite into.

Marks and Spencer chocolate fudge whips

Taste wise, the mallow is nice and chewy but there was more of the fudge layer overpowering it. The chocolate fudge was nice, with a good fudgey texture and deep chocolatey flavour, and combined with the thick chocolate shell it gives you quite an intense chocolatey hit. The dark chocolate part of the shell isn't really noticeable, the milk chocolate is really at the forefront. The fudge piece on top gives a nice chewy bite of extra sweetness.

Overall, these Whips are very tasty and give you quite an intense chocolatey hit, but to be honest I preferred the Salted Caramel variety (which were also reduced in price at M&S recently, I do hope they're not being discontinued). I really want to try the new British Pudding Whips Assortment next...

7.5 out of 10. 


  1. I tried one the other day and found the chocolate too thick. The ratio of cream to chocolate was too low


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